A Fluid Spine, A Fluid Mind

Did you know that the spine is a channel for consciousness and influences the way you think, feel, and experience your world?

A healthy spine is supple, flexible and adaptable. It’s fluid rather than rigid, or solid. A healthy spine changes its shape, tension and tone in relation to the circumstances of the moment. When swift action or protection is required the shape, tension and tone of your spine should be different from when you are relaxing, laughing, or making love.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care helps your spine to pause, breathe, relax and soften. As NSA care progresses your spine becomes more flexible, changeable and adaptable. The gifts in this include a wider range of emotions and perspectives, heightened perceptions, and the ability to create change more easily in your life.

In advanced NSA care your spine becomes fluid, open and expansive resulting in a more expansive and fluid sense of self and representation of the world. The gifts in this include greater peace, acceptance, appreciation, love and grace.



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